Reiki jin Kei Do & buddho healing


Patricia Warren offers treatments, training and support groups in Usui Reiki following the lineage of Reiki Jin Kei Do.

In the late 1800's, a Japanese scholar named Mikao Usui undertook an extensive study of healing phenomena as brought forth through history's greatest spiritual leaders. Through travel, research, and meditation, he was led to an ancient healing method based on a combination of Buddhist practices performed only by monks and kept as secret knowledge. It is believed that Dr. Usui learned part of this method and received special empowerments and a meditation through which he expanded his understanding of the energy of healing. He spent the rest of his life practicing and teaching this knowledge. One of his students, a medical practitioner named Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, gave this method a proper structure, which lay people could practice. This method is now known as "Reiki". Reiki is a Japanese word. Rei means spirit, and Ki means energy or life force. In essence, Reiki could be interpreted as spiritual or universal energy. Reiki, also known as the Usui System of Natural Healing, is a very simple technique to aid in the process of healing and leads to a path of self-transformation. It was brought to the West by Mrs. Hawayo Takata and has spread through the US and Europe for the last 25 years.


Reiki Jin Kei Do

Reiki Jin Kei Do progressed from Dr. Hayashi to Sensei Takeuchi, a Zen monk, and then to one of his students, Seiji Takamori. All these Reiki Masters received the empowerments and meditations originally transmitted by Mikao Usui. Takamori, born in 1907, became a monk and a Reiki Master under Takeuchi. He felt a deep desire to search for the origins of Reiki, so he embarked on a 20 year journey to India, Nepal, and Tibet. After a long search, he found a few monks belonging to a special sect who practiced the Buddho System of Healing, a method similar but more complete than Reiki. Seiji spent many years studying this method with these monks. After receiving all the secret teachings and energy transmissions, he returned to teach meditation and healing to whomever was ready to receive this precious gift, which he then called EnerSense. In 1990, he taught Ranga Premaratna the four stages of EnerSense and also the teachings and empowerments of Reiki, as transmitted in this very spiritual Buddhist lineage. Premaratna later called this lineage Reiki Jin Kei Do - Reiki in the Way of Compassion and Wisdom.

Buddho/Enersense Healing

EnerSense or Buddho System of Healing is a complete health promoting system combining ancient Tibetan and Indian healing methods. From a purely physical aspect, this method enhances the natural ability of the body's capacity to heal, prevents susceptibility to disease, and promotes health in general. This ancient system of healing uses special meditative techniques, breathing methods, and meditative exercises (Chi-Nadi) to develop awareness to subtle energy (Chi). From a mental aspect, this practice develops a calm mind with the powerful penetrative ability to see the mental processes and physical energetic processes that occur continually in our mind-body system. This method has its origins in ancient Tibet. The original name of the method is BUDDHO. Ranga decided to call it EnerSense to provide a neutral meaning and to signify that it is not a religion, it is more like a philosophy and a way of life. Patricia refers to this system of healing by the original name, Buddho. People of any religious belief can practice this method. The word EnerSense is made of the words Energy and Sensation and Sense. The Buddho or EnerSense System of Healing was practiced in ancient Tibet by a special sect of Buddhist monks. The secret knowledge was transmitted only to monks who were totally devoted to healing. The main objective of the method was to develop the mind with the final goal being enlightenment. The exercises and self-healing aspects were secondary but had significance. The main function being keeping the physical body in good condition in order to do long hours of meditation without undue fatigue. The meditative exercises and breathing techniques activated the chakras and nadis. This, in turn, benefited the attainment of deeper meditative states or Samadhi. The meditations involved mantras, yantras, and symbols, and the exercises energized the chakras and nadis, as well as bringing deeper awareness of the body. The Chi-Nadi exercises are slow relaxed movements combined with powerful tension and relaxation of the body during movement. The physical exercises are like T'ai Chi, but also include dynamic tension of muscles to direct Chi to various parts of the body. The set of basic exercises increases strength, flexibility, and tones the body. While the meditation develops concentration, tranquility, and energy, the exercises activate the nadis and chakras, develop strength, flexibility, and deeper awareness to the subtle energy flow in the body while in a light meditative state. Energy produced by meditation is used to increase the natural healing process of the body. The meditation develops a deep awareness of the subtle energy system (Chakras and Nadi-channels) of the body and enables the transfer of energy to re-energize and promote health. The complete system takes a holistic approach, and with regular practice, one can strengthen the respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune systems. There are significant and sufficient direct links between the Buddho System of Healing and Reiki to state that Reiki is a subsequent simplification of the Buddho System of Healing as a practical self-healing technique which lay people could practice.

EnerSense was introduced for the first time to the Western world by Seiji Takamori and was made more widely available by Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna, Ph.D. He received the complete training during Takamori's stay in the USA in 1990. Seiji made his transition in his eighties at a Buddhist monastery in 1992. Today, many Reiki masters and practitioners learn EnerSense as another system of healing, as well as to better understand the origin and mechanisms of Reiki healing. Patricia teaches all levels of Buddho EnerSense.